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[News] Linux Price Wars in China

RPLinux: China's Answer to the $100 PC

,----[ Quote ]
| What do you think? Can China succeed in making a true seamless blend of
| their Linux distribution of choice with their home grown hardware? It's
| no small feat to be sure; however, I personally believe that they are
| likely up to the challenge.


Older articles:

Linux does well in China.


        Linux Set to Soar in China


        Government says all new PCs must be Linux-friendly 


"China has long been seen as a fertile ground for Linux and other open source
software. In a country where more than 90% of software in use is pirated, it
seems like a natural fit." 

Red Flag Linux may be next on IBM's agenda

,----[ Quote ]
| Jollans also addressed a question about why IBM did not release its own
| Linux distribution several years ago.
| "We thought that if IBM was in the market as an 800-pound gorilla, it
| would have a negative effect on the Linux market. We won't do something
| that sets us against the community," he said. 


China to produce $125 (Linux) PC

,----[ Quote ]
| A Chinese outfit is hoping to release a PC which will hit the shops with a 
| price tag of $125.


China looks to open-source community for advice

,----[ Quote ]
| China is counting on senior members of the open-source community to
| help formulate policy ideas to promote open-source software, according
| to a local software executive.
| The China Open-Source Software Promotion Union (COPU), a government-backed
| industry group, has established a think tank comprised of 19 prominent
| open-source executives from overseas to develop a framework for better
| international cooperation.


,----[ Quote ]
| Many such vendors previously sold PCs with free operating systems such as
| Linux or none at all...
| Observers believe the Chinese vendors signed their deals with Microsoft
| in April under pressure from Beijing, which is trying to show it is
| making serious efforts to stamp out piracy -- a major complaint from
| many Western governments.
| In late March, the Chinese government went so far as to issue a
| decree requiring PC makers to install a licensed operating system on
| each machine before it left the factory.


China's Linux Adoption Threat to Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| Most recently, China has been placing their bets on Linux over Windows as
| the dominant OS for their needs. And one of the best examples of this on
| the desktop front would have to be with Turbolinux. The distribution has
| been so widely accepted by the Chinese that even HP has decided to begin
| selling PCs with the OS preinstalled for distribution. But it doesn't
| stop there. China has a distribution of its very own; you may know it as
| Red Flag Linux.


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