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[News] Sun: Open Source Bridges 'Educational Divide'

Open Source Can Bridge the 'Educational Divide'

,----[ Quote ]
| Question: Can you elaborate on the role open source software is playing
| in what Sun Microsystems refers to as "The Participation Age"?
| Bahal: Sun views open source technology as a crucial component of the
| "Participation Age," which is the successor to the Information Age. During 
| the Information Age, the proprietary nature of intellectual property requ-
| ired users to purchase restrictive use rights -- or "reinvent the wheel" -- 
| for  unrestricted use. Open source technology has enabled the Participation
| Age and has really challenged this proprietary control. The Participation
| Age is all about access and sharing, where networks of people interact to
| solve problems and create content, connections and  relationships never
| possible before. In this new era, we are seeking to  eliminate the digital
| divide -- the gap between those who can participate and those who cannot 
| -- so that everyone can get involved, leverage opportunities, and work
| together to help solve the world's biggest and most  important problems. An 
| open source framework is extremely conducive to the way people interact 
| online today in this new participatory era.


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