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[News] The Importance of Firefox: Monopoly Leads to Customer Abandonment

IE 7 vs. Firefox 2.0: Why This Browser Battle
Matters To Businesses

,----[ Quote ]
| At first, Blake Ross says Mozilla's Firefox isn't really
| in a battle with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, even though a
| major new version of each browser is coming out this month. The
| Firefox  co-creator is half right: Firefox spreads by word of
| mouth, not IT dictate, and it's backed by a nonprofit instead
| of the world's largest software company. Time to play nice?
| On second thought, the 21-year-old Ross lets the fighting words fly.
| "Firefox brought Microsoft back to the table, but they make no
| guarantees how long they'll stick around," he says. "I can't
| imagine why any individual--let alone an IT department--would
| bet on a company with a proven track record of gross
| abandonment."
| Time to go another few rounds. Five long years after the
| release of Internet Explorer 6--which provided the final
| knockout punch to one-time champ Netscape--Microsoft is
| about to release a major upgrade to IE. New features such
| as tabbed browsing and integrated search mimic those
| already in Firefox, causing some observers, Ross among
| them, to describe IE7 as a "catch-up" release. Mozilla's
| not standing still --Firefox 2.0 will be released within
| days of IE7.


There's no mention of corruption of standards and making
the Web saturated with proprietary technology that perils

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