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[News] Forced Vista Upgrade Push/Strategy?

DirectX 9.0 L works on Vista only 

,----[ Quote ]
| We managed to confirm the existence of DirectX 9.0L but it
| won't be a DirectX 10 for Windows XP. It will be the other
| way around. It is a faster version of DirectX 9.0 that
| will run under Vista only.
| So I have to disappoint all of you who expected to run
| DirectX 10 games under Windows XP (and apologise, huh,
| Fudo? News Ed.) as there won't be an API to supports it. 


There is a remedy perhaps.

Wine to Stop Microsoft's Vista Forced-Upgrade Plans?

,----[ Quote ]
| Was just trawling through the report from 'Wine Conf 2006'
| (Wine is a compatibility layer that allows Windows
| programs to run on Linux, and more recently Mac) lookingf
| or information on how they are going to handleV
| ista/DirectX10...
| Direct3D10, which will ship with Windows Vista in a
| few months, doesn't seem to be a large cause for concern.
| At first glance it appears to be more of an evolutionary
| change rather than revolutionary. New shader support
| will be needed, but extending ours once OpenGL supports
| it should be pretty easy. Stefan mentioned Microsoft is
| currently offering a lot of incentives for Windows 
|           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| developers who develop D3D10-only games since they'll
| only be usable on Vista - there's no plan to
| backport D3D10 to XP. Dan Kegel asked if that means we
| should port Wine's forthcoming D3D10 implementation to
| Windows, which would be relatively easy when we
| switch to WGL.


Best time to call it all off and depart from forced upgrade cycles of Windows
and Office? Linux does not have these i$$ues... and it has WinE, too. WinE
had another release just a couple of days ago as it approaches 1.0.

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