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Re: [News] Playstation 3 to Have a Beautiful Linux Enlightenment

"John Bailo" <jabailo@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> YDL will run on the Playstation 3
>> http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/products/ydl/
>  http://enlightenment.org/Enlightenment/Screenshots/
> The language on this announcement is a little unclear...maybe someone can 
> add some knowledge here.
> Is this a company developing:
> 1. A distro that is one of many that can run on a PS/3...leaving it up to 
> the PS/3 user to acquire and install it.
> 2. A distro that is the only distro that can run on the PS/3 (exclusive 
> license).
> 3. A distro that Sony will ship installed on the PS/3
> 4. A distro for which Sony will have some online icon in the PS/3 
> interface to allow a user to install easily via the internet

    I actually see no mention of "playstation" or "ps3" on any of the links 
listed. (the Enlightenment/Screenshots ones gives me a 403 Forbidden error).

    From what I've read gathered from other sources:

    * Terrasoft lists PS3 as a supported platform for YDL, which I guess 
means you can download and install YDL on the PS3 and generally expect it to 
    * A Sony executive said Linux will run on the PS3, but didn't say which 
distribution, nor provide much details. They might bundle YDL, or some other 
distribution, or not bundle Linux at all.
    * The cell processors in the PS3 is likely to form some sort of 
hierarchy, and allow for multiple OSes to run simultaneously. I.e. you could 
have Linux running on all six cells, and then load up a game, moving Linux 
onto a single cell, and giving the game access to the other five. (Where the 
game is considered to be running in its own OS, and not under Linux). Some 
games may state that they require all the cells to run, in which case you 
would probably have to shut down Linux completely.

    - Oliver 

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