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[News] Linux Gets Web Development Parity

Nvu for Linux: Frontpage Who?

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Inside - In an effort to bring you the best speed and
| functionality possible, Nvu is running off of Mozilla's Gecko engine.
| This helps to give the developer the speed they need to get the job
| done right.
| FTP Ability with One-Click Simplicity - Frankly, we believe that all
| HTML editors really out to be offering this feature by default. Nvu not
| only offers this, they make setting it up a snap as well. 
| [...]
| In the end, Nvu is a fantastic editor for those looking to have all
| the functionality they could ever need from a HTML editor. However,
| if you still feel it's too simplistic, then we'd recommend looking
| into Quanta Plus, which is a more developer friendly alternative.



Linux and Web Development Part 2

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall I'm still absolutely pleased with my switch from Windows to
| Linux both at home and at work. If anything I honestly think I work
| faster, smarter, and happier. Given my recent experience with hard
| drive failure, I'm glad Linux provided the functionality to get back up
| and running very quickly and easily. I'll definitely be looking into
| some automated nightly backup solutions over the next few days due to
| the fact that a RAID setup isn't in the cards for me just yet. I don't
| plan on retreating back to Windows any time soon and I look forward to
| working with Linux for a long time to come. I?m not trying to push
| anyone into checking out Linux and switching, just cataloging my
| experiences thus far.


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