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[News] The Latest of Microsoft's Anti-OSS FUD and Lobbying in Europe

Leaked letter warns of open source 'threat to eco-system'

,----[ Quote ]
| leaked letter to the European Commission has revealed the extent of
| lobbying by proprietary software groups to prevent the widespread
| adoption of open-source software.
| Sent in response to a recent report on the role of open-source
| software in the European economy, Microsoft-funded pressure
| group, the Initiative for Software Choice (ISC) warned of
| potentially dire effects if too much encouragement was given
| to open source software development.


More recent examples of FUD and lobbying by Microsoft in Europe:

EU official joins consultancy serving Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| A European Commission official originally chosen to lead its antitrust
| case against Microsoft left on Friday last week to work for a
| consultancy that has the software firm as a client, a spokesman said.


US ambassador to the EU was former Microsoft lobbyist 

,----[ Quote ]
| Before C. Boyden Gray was named as George Bush's number one person in
| Europe, he was a lawyer lobbying on behalf of Microsoft. 


US politicians go to bat for Microsoft


EU's Kroes denies vendetta against Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU antitrust chief Neelie Kroes on Tuesday
| rejected an accusation she was pursuing a vendetta against U.S.
| software giant Microsoft Corp. and suspected a "coordinated
| campaign" to discredit her agency.
| [...]
| Kroes was responding to a letter published by the newspaper
| from a Microsoft business partner who accused the EU Commission
| of "playing games" with Microsoft by raising concerns over its
| Vista operating system that could delay its launch in Europe.
| "There appears to be a coordinated campaign to portray the
| Commission in a negative light," she said...


IDC pronounces Linux unimportant to European economy 


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