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Maths with Spam (Windows Zombies Reign with a Whopping 72%+)

Exhibit #1:

Zombie PCs spew out 80% of spam

,----[ Quote ]
| Four-fifths of spam now emanates from computers
| contaminated with Trojan horse infections,
| according to a study by network management
| firm Sandvine out this week. Trojans and worms
| with backdoor components such as Migmaf and
| SoBig have turned infected Windows PCs into
| drones in vast networks of compromised zombie PCs.


Exhibit #2:

Over 90% of email is spam, says Spamhaus founder

,----[ Quote ]
| "If we were to turn our service off one
| day then the spam levels on the internet
| would literally bring the internet email
| system down," he said.



#1 x #2 = 80% x 90%+ = ~72%+

Over 72% of of the world's E-mail traffic is produced by Windows zombies. It
makes you think...

Less conservative studies which were published by the BBC and CNET

More than 95% of e-mail is 'junk'

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 95% of e-mail is junk, be it spam, error messages or
| viruses, report mail monitoring firms.
| [...]
| Further work has shown that most of this junk mail is originating
| on hijacked home computers.
| E-mail security firm Return Path said 99% of the computers it monitors
| that send mail have been taken over by spammers or virus writers.


,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly all of the Internet-connected computers that send e-mail
| are controlled by spammers, according to companies that track
| e-mail reputations.


The world is getting fed up with the increasing amount.

Homeland Security: Fix your Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| In a rare alert, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has urged
| Windows users to plug a potential worm hole in the Microsoft
| operating system.
| [...]
| "Users are encouraged to avoid delay in applying this security patch,"
| the Department of Homeland Security said in the statement. The patch
| fixes a serious flaw that, if exploited, could enable an attacker to
| remotely take complete control of an affected system, the agency said.


Perspective:  Microsoft security--no more second chances?

,----[ Excerpt ]
| CNET News.com's Charles Cooper says the software maker is running out
| of excuses for a history of poor security.

,----[ Quote ]
| As if Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff didn't have enough on
| his plate.
| Not only has he had to deal with Katrina and Osama. Now he's also got to
| whip Steve Ballmer and the crew at Microsoft into shape. If past is
| prologue, that last task may be the most daunting of all. 


Why thus discussion about SPAM all out of the blue? Because hundreds of
megabytes of SPAM fill up my account more quickly than I can erase it while
benign messages that I send to people get intercepted. The E-mail
infrastrcuture has become flakier and less reliable than ever before. It
fell victim to Microsoft Windows. It's time to go Open Source. [end rant /]

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