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[News] Saving the Web by Using Standards-compliant Software

Why Internet Explorer 7 Will Break the Web

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, I've heard this warning before, but it still gets me riled up to
| read it. Upon seeing it yesterday, my first thought was, "This is
| totally backwards! Isn't this exactly the scenario that web standards
| were put in place to prevent?" The governing body of the web, the W3C
| (of which Microsoft is a member), dictates the standards that browsers
| must adhere to. That way, web developers can build their sites to comply
| with those standards and guarantee that any browser visiting their site
| will render the pages properly.


It already proves to be a tremendous pain. This morning for example...


To quote a comment from a friend:

"Microsoft must break some bad habits... but they are not. The article is
more concerned with standards and how Microsoft does not follow them,
leaving the burden of creating IE compatible sites up to the developers.

Of course, Microsoft has a history of dictating their own standards, and they
have the power to do so because their browser is used by somewhere around
80-85% of the world's web surfing audience."


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