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[News] The Reason Windows Receive[s/d] Exposure

1990-1995: Why the World Went Windows

,----[ Some second-level headings ]
| Avoiding Direct Comparisons
| Fraud Marketing
| FUD is a false negative
| Vaporware is a false positive

,----[ Conclusion ]
| The Means to an End
| Microsoft was found guilty of manipulating the PC operating system market
| in the US DOJ's monopoly case. Much of the public evidence collected in
| the case was not even considered by the court, because the DOJ attempted
| to present specific charges that only concerned the market for PC
| operating systems.
| However, while Microsoft's anti-competitive behavior is no secret, it is
| also true that the company did actually earn much of its success. It did
| so by simply planning out effective strategies and working diligently to
| execute them. In many cases, while Microsoft may have played dirty,
| the failure of its competitors was often due to incompetence on their
| part, not simply due to Microsoft's heavy handed hardball with a thick
| coat of Vaseline.   


Many of the arguments above perfetcly reflect on the tactics used to suppress
Linux and Open Source software. People need to be aware of this...

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