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Re: A big thank you to Erik

  • Subject: Re: A big thank you to Erik
  • From: Hadron Quark <qadronhuark@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 11:50:54 +0200
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • References: <n1i504-6jd.ln1@dog.did.it> <sfhvghkz1f8.dlg@funkenbusch.com> <evl504-t6j.ln1@dog.did.it> <878xjjycqj.fsf@geemail.com> <UK6dnZvlaK31Bq3YnZ2dnUVZ_oSdnZ2d@giganews.com>
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"Sean Inglis" <none@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Sat, 14 Oct 2006 02:15:00 +0200, Hadron Quark wrote:
>> rgc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Roy Culley) writes:
>>> begin  risky.vbs
>>> 	<sfhvghkz1f8.dlg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>> 	Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> On Sat, 14 Oct 2006 00:54:15 +0200, Roy Culley wrote:
>>>>> You're doing a grand job Erik. Quoting all of Roy's [News] posts with
>>>>> your stunning one liner followups so that those who have Roy S kill
>>>>> filed get to see his posts in their entirety. A truly cunning bit of
>>>>> Linux advocacy. 
>>>> Thank you, I try.
>>> Being an idiot? IMHO you have succeeded. Well done Erik.
>> If being an idiot is getting people to see Roy's posts then you've said
>> enough about your true opinion of them. Well done. Mouth, foot, mmmpphhh.
> Being an idiot is attempting to drown out Roy's posts, and actually

How is replying to Roy drowning out his posts? Please explain carefully
and in details. It would appear to me that the silly prank Erik played
did absolutely the opposite and bought Roys posts to those of us who
killfiled his inane spam ages ago. So, when you are ready ....

> promoting their ranking and retention, which is exactly what
> Erik has done (and you are doing), presumably in an attempt to return to
> the "good old days" where wankers endlessly troll at will.

I am doing? No I am not. More downright lies. I might have added one
reply, but certainly didnt engage in mass replying.

What trolls? Can you tell me who they are? Someone who reports honestly
is a troll? You need to grow up. More explaining necessary please. What
IS a troll to you? I asked Kier once and he spat the dummy and got his
panties well and truly in a twist.

> Well done, gents.

Err, thanks. I think.

Democracy, n:
	In which you say what you like and do what you're told.
		-- Gerald Barry

The difference between a Democracy and a Dictatorship is that in a
Democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a Dictatorship
you don't have to waste your time voting.
		-- Charles Bukowski

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