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[News] Novell Goes After the Multi-user Linux Desktop Approach

"Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy for Novell SLED 10 and openSUSE

,----[ Quote ]
| Following is a six-page white paper that summarises the value of pursuing
| a Multiplied Novell SLED 10 or openSUSE strategy.  Modern PCs spend most
| of the day idle. The Multiplied Linux Desktop strategy allows you to
| leverage this unused computing power and connect up to 10 full-featured
| workstations to a SINGLE, shared SLED 10 or openSUSE 10.1 computer.
| Ideal for Linux computer labs, Linux thin clients, Linux Internet cafés
| and Linux point-of-sale terminals.


Linux is already deployed in this way as it gets adopted around the world.
Here is just one story among many.

Linux kiosks come to the aid of natural disaster victims

,----[ Quote ]
| When faced with the aftermath of a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina
| or the Boxing Day tsunami, you might assume that having Internet access
| would be the last thing on victims' or rescuers' minds. But Steve Hargadon
| of TechnologyRescue.com found out that his public Web kiosks were an answer
| to prayers for people affected by Katrina, Rita, and most recently,
| Cyclone Larry.


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