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[News] RT Linux Gets RT Java Virtual Machine

Real-time Linux gains real-time JVM

,----[ Quote ]
| Real-time JVM (Java virtual machine) specialist Aonix and real-time Linux 
| specialist Concurrent Computer Corp. have formed a joint development and 
| marketing partnership. The deal leverages the combination of Aonix's PERC 
| real-time JVM and tools, along with Concurrent's RedHawk Linux and 
| SUSE-based real-time offerings for multi-processor x86 systems, the 
| companies say.


Also see:

Novell to launch quick-response Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell plans an October launch for its Suse Linux Enterprise
| Real-Time product, an operating system geared for Wall Street traders
| and others who watch every microsecond of the clock.


Concurrent Teams With GTE To Deliver Real-Time Linux-Based Solutions To India

,----[ Quote ]
| RedHawk Linux is an industry-standard, real-time version of the Linux 
| operating system. RedHawk, compatible with the popular Red Hat Linux
| distribution, provides determinism, high I/O throughput, guaranteed fast 
| response to external events, and optimized interprocess communication. 
| RedHawk is the ideal Linux environment for the complex time-critical 
| applications.


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