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[News] Open Source and Strengthened by Web-based Services

Why Online Ad Models threaten Microsoft Corp?

,----[ Quote ]
| In May of 2006 during its annual MSN Strategic Account Summit,
| Microsoft pitched hard to advertisers. A week earlier Microsoft
| anounced plans to invest roughly $2 billion in its new businesses,
| largely MSN and Windows Live.
| [...]
| The core reason that has Microsoft worried after seeing the growth and 
| product release trajectory of Google and Yahoo! is that both these 
| companies could commoditize Microsoft's "only our software (running on our 
| OS) for sale" business model. The Open Source movement has already badly 
| hurt Microsoft.


Recent article:

High-tech social enterprise reaps free software's benefits

,----[ Quote ]
| Ball's job is to make these desktops work together seamlessly,
| regardless of their distribution or operating system. "I'm the CTO, so I
| promote desktop heterogeneity," Ball says. "We have Mac users and Linux
| users and the idea I'm going for is, 'It doesn't matter what desktop you
| use.'" Ball says that the desktop is basically irrelevant in 2006
| anyway, because when it comes down to it, "Everybody uses Firefox.
| That's the key piece -- if there's one ubiquitous piece of free software
| out there, it's Firefox."


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