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Re: Speculation: Windows will Embrace the Open Source Model

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Why Microsoft's future OS could be open source

Just another silly notion from another dim bulb that cannot come to
grips with the reality of the market.  People want an evolutionary
process that keeps them in their comfor zone.  It takes an awful lot of
energy to foment a revolution.  A change in PC platform vendor is a
revolution that has no backing and so everyone stays with the evolving
Windows.  It gets better and better with each release and that is
enough for the vast majority of PC users.

Linux has its best opportunity, it seems, with the third world kind of
user who has no prior investment in hardware, software, or experience
to conserve and so can be fed the low price solution and be happy with
it.  Some linuxers say that would be the beginning of the end for Mr.
Softee and his flying circus, but I don't believe that.

The third world is not lagging behind because they don't have enough
laptops or network connections.  Their problems are much more basic
than that.  Bill Gates schlepping around with AIDS relief and such is
probably going to be a lot more useful in terms of building image in
those places than handing out some hand-cranked laptops.  But that's
just my guess.

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