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Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man

  • Subject: Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man
  • From: tjb <tjb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 15:49:57 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Sean Inglis <ingliss@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Please, for the love of $DEITY, stop.  You have made this group unusable.
> Or, for the love of $DEITY, continue to post. You have steered this
> group on topic from a state of useless decay, and continue to
> effectively advocate Linux.

No.  He has turned a discussion group into Roy's News Blog.

>> I don't want to have to killfile all of your news posts, because I want to
>> read *some* of them.  The problem is simply that you post too many -- far,
>> far too many -- to the extent that the group is flooded.
> There is no way to know which you find useful in advance, and no reason
> to cater to your particular tastes.

I'm not suggesting that there is.  Nor am I suggesting that he post to suit
me.  What I *am* suggesting is that he floods the group.

>> Further, no-one should have to killfile your news posts just to make the
>> group usable.  Unfortunately, this *is* the situation now.
> It may be perceived that way by you. Not by me or others.
>> Now, some have defended Roy on the grounds that the posts flood out all the
>> FUD and trolling and such.  Well, I can understand this to a point, but
>> then if you really don't want to see all that, then why even visit this
>> group?  And I think that in this respect the flooding hinders more than it
>> helps -- if the group is getting flooded, then when someone searches Google
>> Groups and encounters FUD, they won't see any refutation, because the FUD
>> is a needle in a haystack to regular readers right now (obviously I'm
>> exaggerating, but simply to make a point).
> "the FUD is a needle in a haystack". Excellent.

No.  I did not say that.  I said that when his posts drown out the FUD
threads, the FUD threads are less likely to be refuted, thereby casting
doubt on the argument made by some in defence of Roy that 'the drowning out
of the FUD threads is beneficial'.

> Your logic in this respect is faulty in the extreme. If you want to
> browse through instance after instance of juvenile fan-boi pissing
> contests, this group is generally of no use to you now.

So you'd rather see Roy's Blog?  Really?

By the way, all those people who'd read c.o.l.a before Roy came along (the
majority of today's regulars) -- should they simply have abandoned the
group as well?

>> Please, please post significantly fewer news posts.
> No, please continue. These are small text based on-topic posts with
> appropriate links to further detail.

The size of the bodies is not a problem.  It's the number of the headers.

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