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[News] Salesforce Develops Open Source Tendencies

Salesforce.com goes open source...sort of

Marketing hype aside, Apex is Salesforce.com's response to open source.

,----[ Quote ]
| Nick thinks it's big news, and I do, too. It's big because it offers
| customers a way to customize hosted applications, rather than running
| them "as is." The myth has been that companies don't want to customize
| software. The reality is that they emphatically do. Salesforce.com's
| traditional customer base (SMEs) did not. Its big Fortune 500
| companies definitely do.


Also recently:

Salesforce.com CEO: Customization is king

,----[ Excerpt ]
| Marc Benioff argues that Apex will let customers diverge further
| from one-size-fits-all hosted applications approach.


Salesforce get another Open Source Plug-in

,----[ Quote ]
| Jasper4Salesforce delivers easy access to advanced reporting by building
| on top of the AppExchange on-demand platform to integrate the one of the
| more popular open source reporting solution into the Salesforce suite
| of applications.


JasperSoft's Market-Leading Open Source Reporting Solution Now Available On
salesforce.com's AppExchange

,----[ Quote ]
| "Jasper4Salesforce provides customers with a market-leading open
| source business intelligence solution that's been proven in tens of
| thousands of deployments."


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