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[News] Why Voting Machines Should Go Linux

The case against voting machines 

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's take a look now at some of the evidence citizens -- and Black Box
| Voting -- are uncovering:
| 1. Memphis: Candidates in Memphis asked Black Box Voting for help 
| securing public records from the Aug. 3, 2006 election. Black Box 
| Voting recommended getting a copy of the Diebold GEMS database, along
| with the Windows event log. What we found shocked us: The sheer number
| of legal and security violations in the event log were horrifying, and
| it also showed that Shelby County -- or someone -- was accessing the
| file during the middle of a Temporary Restraining Order prohibiting
| this.
| - A remote access program called PC Anywhere was found resident in the 
| system
| - Evidence of insertion of an encrypted Lexar Jump Drive was present
| - Evidence of attempts to alter or write HTML files (used to
| report results) was present
| - Apparently without a firewall, the GEMS system was opened up to the
| County Network
| - A prohibited program, Microsoft Access, which makes editing the
| election chimpanzee-easy, was installed on the system AND USED shortly
| after the election.


Brasil already considers replacing Windows with Linux.

E-Voting Raises New Questions in Brazil

,----[ Quote ]
| Some Brazilians are lobbying the tribunal to switch from Windows CE to
| an open-source operating system for the voting machines, since Microsoft
| Corp., citing trade secrecy, won't allow independent audits to make
| sure malicious programmers haven't inserted commands to "flip" votes
| from one candidate to another.
| [...]
| Fontoura confirmed that Brazil is considering a move away from
| crosoft's proprietary code -- "We are studying the possibility of using an 
| open-source program like Linux in future elections. This would make the 
| entire process much more transparent and far less expensive," he said.


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