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[News] Vista and National Security Around the Globe

Vista a 'threat' to the national security of India

,----[ Quote ]
| As Mr Bombay Watcher says on his blog, Microsoft has a cosy partnership
| with the CIA, so perhaps the world should take care and caution when it
| comes time to upgrade. We're pretty certain Windows 3.1 would be a safe
| bet. He seems particularly worried about the national security of India,
| as it does, of course, have some conflicting interests with the US
| of A.



Comrades open windows to linux 

,----[ Quote ]
| The die was cast on October 2005, when Microsoft came out with a sting
| operation in Thiruvananthapuram on anti-piracy crackdown 'humiliating'
| a couple of PC sellers. "Dealers always prefer to do straight business
| and when it is FOSS systems, there are no ethical dilemmas," says State
| computer dealers association president, PK Harikrishnan. Right or wrong,
| it boils down to a question of seeing software as a market. Make some
| discreet queries, and you will find as much as 95% of multimedia PC
| buyers expect freebies of atleast two basic slices of Microsoft
| software, costing Rs 4200 to Rs 20,000 (Windows 98 to MS office XP).
| [...]
| "Though West Bengal and Tripura have to go whole hog to adopt a free 
| software model, ideological closeness is more than evident."


Indian Policy Makers Call For Greater Use Of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| A wide spectrum of policy makers called for the greater usage of open
| source to modernize India in the digital era and the re-evaluation of
| the laws pertaining to Intellectual Property. The event sought to examine
| the notion of intellectual "property," in the context of traditional
| knowledge, globalization and the growth of the open source movement
| worldwide.


FreeDel 2006 participants learn about FOSS in India

,----[ Quote ]
| The event, in its third year, featured talks and discussions to help
| the education, government, and non-governmental organization (NGO)
| sectors understand the usefulness of FOSS.


IIT Delhi and Red Hat India hold Knowledge Symposium 

,----[ Quote ]
| "Software patents hurt the Indian software industry, and could have
| a negative, crippling effect on the open source model. Governments in
| the United States and elsewhere are adopting Linux and striking down
| software patent legislation. Call it economic efficiency or a
| futuristic approach, we believe that all roads lead to open source."


FWIW, the French and Germans are concerned over Windows and its back doors as


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