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[News] News with Agenda

Oracle vs PHP - FUD and Ignorance in Journalism

,----[ Quote ]
| An article showed up in LXer's news queue that described how a business
| chose an Oracle solution over - get this - a PHP solution. Never mind
| that the article compares a database to a scripting language, but one
| can use Open Source PHP in conjunction with Oracle's non-free database
| system to write web applications. It just goes to show that we all need
| to know the difference between crap and shinola.
| Line56.com wrote an interesting article about why vAudit chose an
| Oracle solution over a PHP solution. That's right, boys and girls!
| Oracle over PHP. There can only be two reasons why a case study-styled
| article would compare a non-libre database to a libre scripting language.
| The first reason is that the author is new to the technology industry
| and doesn't yet know his head from a hole in the ground. The other
| reason is that the author is intentionally misleading the audience.


Reminds me of newspapers that publish flattering reviews about technology
that they foolishly believe is better. Because they get bribed to post
rubbish and FUD... *sigh*

Also see:

HP told WSJ to, 'Go say nice things'

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/03/wsj_tam_hp/ (last week)

Also recently:

Bill Gates lends cash to buy newspapers

$350 million to MediaNews

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates involvement has been very behind the scenes. In fact many of
| those involved in the deal didn'teven know he was one of the investors.
| It was carried out through the Gates Foundation, the world's largest
| philanthropy outfit.



The Secret Failures of Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| They are bound to an oath to swear allegiance to Windows XP Professional, 
| and must never mention Linux and Windows in the same breath. If they step 
| out of line in any way, Microsoft dramatically raises their OEM licensing 
| fees and sends them to indoctrination camp, where they face chairs being 
| hurled at them by angry monkeys.


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