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[News] The World Moves to Smartphones Where Linux Prospers

Smartphones are leaving PDAs in the dust

,----[ Quote ]
| Right now, smartphones are the new hotness and PDAs are old and busted.
| At least that's what a new report from research firm Gartner says.


Some links of interest:

Linux prominent at Smartphone Summit

,----[ Quote ]
| An annual technical and business conference devoted to smartphones of
| all stripes, including Linux smartphones, is set for Sept. 11, in
| Los Angeles.


Smartphone market takes off

,----[ Quote ]
| While new applications such as push email are driving enterprise demand
| for converged devices, they are also becoming popular with consumers,
| according to IDC. Additionally, high-level embedded operating systems such
| as Linux enable enhanced multimedia applications geared toward a richer
| video and imaging experience. As a result, vendors are increasingly
| characterizing these devices as "prosumer," IDC says.


Linux on Your Smartphone - Motorola A1200

,----[ Quote ]
| If you are already a Linux user, you are probably used to glossing
| over a few inconveniences the rest of the world takes for granted.
| In this sense, the phone lives up to its Linux heritage. If you can
| put up with the minor inconveniences mentioned above, and use some
| simple workarounds, this Bluetooth and GPRS-capable phone may just
| grow on you.


LEAKED: Motorola loves Linux - E690 PDA Phone

,----[ Quote ]
| It looks like Motorola is making another non-RAZR, which in itself
| is exciting news. The E690 is a PDA/phone that runs on Linux, yes, Linux.
| It has standard PDA touchscreen and writing functions, as well as some
| decent multimedia support - including every video and audio file you
| could want played through two "3D surround" speakers (where you actually
| store the media, we don't really know). The phone also supports
| Bluetooth, WPA with full Internet browsing, and Office App viewing.

MOTOMING is The Best Linux Smart Phone From Motorolla

,----[ Quote ]
| On August 23, 2006. Motorolla launched MOTOMING, the best and newest smart 
| phone by them. For his appearance, this clever cellular phone had elegant 
| clamshell modern design with hidden antena.


,----[ Quote ]
| Within the next couple of years, Linux will power more than half of
| the phones shipped by number two global handset vendor Motorola...


On the other hand:

,----[ Quote ]
| "The current, integrated architecture of Microsoft Windows is unsustainable 
| - for enterprises and for Microsoft," wrote Gartner analysts Brian Gammage, 
| Michael Silver and David Mitchell Smith. 



Orange first mobile giant off the mark with Linux program

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever since NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone lent their support to Motorola and
| Samsung to create an open Linux handset architecture, the open source
| platform has gained new credibility as the likely leading operating
| system for smartphones in the next generation.
| For the first time, Linux seemed to be gaining not just the political
| positioning, but the technical resources and unity, to be adequate in
| fighting off Microsoft Windows Mobile and possibly sidelining
| Nokia-backed Symbian.
| But Orange has leapfrogged those giants, becoming the first tier one
| mobile carrier to launch a Linux initiative, as opposed to supporting
| some isolated handsets.
| It is focusing its efforts not on the existing major mobile variants
| - notably MontaVista - but on the emerging Access Linux Platform, 
| incorporates the former Palm user interface.


Smartphone with Linux, WiFi and VoIP

Article translation in link below.


,----[ Quote ]
| Smartphones, such as those based on Linux, currently represent about a
| tenth of the wireless phone market, In-Stat says. The research firm
| expects smartphones to account for a quarter of mobile phone sales
| within five years, however. 


A Million Linux Smart Phones Shipped in China, Q2

,----[ Quote ]
| Sharp posted the highest growth among the top five vendors, with shipments
| of more than a million Symbian FOMA smart phones in Japan during the
| quarter. "Symbian has performed well in what many find a difficult market
| to crack," said Canalys analyst Nick Spencer, "Q2 saw it break the 10
| million cumulative shipment barrier there, thanks to significant volumes
| from not only Sharp, but also vendors such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and
| Sony Ericsson.


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