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Re: [News] Office Giving Up on the Novelty Race

On Sat, 28 Oct 2006 13:20:09 -0400, Larry Q. wrote:

>> The problem is, Web based office suites are still in their infancy, and
>> frankly, i'd have to question any use of such tools for anything more
>> sensitive than a homework assignment.
> As you mentioned there's the whole security/privacy issue. Are there ANY
> web-based Office Suites that are anywhere close to successful? Even
> Google's web-based office apps are hardly being used. What sane company
> would trust their memos, sales forcasts, research and product plans to
> Google, Microsoft or any other company?
> There's also the issue of accessibility. I know many people who work on
> proposals, spread-sheets, etc when traveling on planes, trains, etc. It's
> not like the entire world has internet access yet.

I misspoke, really.  What I should have said was that "Hosted Web based
solutions" shouldn't be used, but even then i can imagine situations where
this could be mitigated.  For example, imagine a thin client-app that
loaded into the web browser, and connected to a server using strong
encryption so that all data stored on the serve was encrypted with your own
private keys and only ever decrypted on the client.  That would work.

Unfortunately, that's not the direction they seem to be going.

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