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Some Rants

I'm going on vacation for several days, so I thought I'd post some articles I
found this morning. I think they explain why stupidity, greed and innocence
of the average customer (sheep/"cattle effect") have led us to this
ambitious drive for independence (Freedom for the customer).

Politicians just don't get IT

,----[ Quote ]
| The president replied that he does use "the Google" (his words) on
| occasion to "pull up maps" -- "I forgot the name of the program, but
| you get the satellite ..." -- for viewing his ranch.
| This exchange has prompted chuckles among techies and non- across the
| Internets -- another famous reference by Bush from 2004. (More
| troubling to me in that CNBC interview is Bush's admission that he
| will not use e-mail: "I don-t e-mail, because of the different
| record requests that can happen to a president.")


Also yesterday:

BBC abandons science

,----[ Quote ]
| BBC TV's venerable science flagship, Horizon, has had a
| rough ride as it tries to gain a new audience. It's been
| accused of "dumbing down".


DRM madness makes being legal difficult

,----[ Quote ]
| When will the big players in the industry get it right? When
| will they understand that the only way you can actually beat
| piracy is by giving customers a feasible option that is
| 1 - financially viable
| 2 - not fuelled by an insane DRM policy


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