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[News] The Reason Governments Stock Commercial Software

Politicians: Clueless on technology?

,----[ Quote ]
| Most politicians don't understand technology, which is an increasing
| problem when increasing amounts of public money are being spent
| (on technology schemes)," he said. "A basic understanding of
| information systems would be helpful."
| Allan said that just as politicians are expected to understand
| basic balance sheets when making a decision to spend public
| money, but not the intricacies of accountancy, so politicians
| should try to grasp the basics of information systems. 


Same applies to many businesses which are managed by seniors and
non-technical people (or people who have not been in contact with technology
for decades). Here is a recent example:

BBC Looks To Microsoft For Web 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| However, you don't sign deals or commitments if you're a quasi-autonomous
| Public Corporation operating as a public service broadcaster, as the BBC
| is. BBC Director General Mark Thompson met Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates
| in Seattle on Wednesday to sign the non-exclusive memorandum of
| understanding and discuss the BBC's digital strategy.


Beeb breaks out with Windows WMA protection

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a press release from Sonos, the blokes over
| at the Beeb have decided to jump ship for relying on
| Realplayer for web content, and have switched over
| entirely to the Windows-friendly WMA format. Now
| that the BBC has made The Big Switch, BBC radio
| stations will be received automatically for users
| of wireless music and radio provider Sonos.


Here's one from yesterday:

        Brazilian government faces challenge over proprietary tax software


Off-topic, but noteworthy:

Court to weigh Microsoft, AT&T dispute

,----[ Quote ]
| The outcome could be worth more than $1 billion to Microsoft if the
| justices find that the lower court ruling improperly extended U.S.
| patent protections to overseas transactions, said Dennis Crouch, a
| visiting law professor at Boston University.


Dogs eat dogs.

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