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Re: [News] Dell CEO Sez Vista Needs 2 Gigabytes of RAM

Roy Schestowitz wrote: 

> Vista Runs Smooth Only on 2G Memory
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| However, Dell CEO Kevin Rollins suggested otherwise on
>| Thursday, 26 Oct at a speech at Shanghai's Jiaotong
>| University. "I think they tell you maybe 1 gig of memory
>| is OK. No, two gigs of memory would be great." 
>| This echoes with my own experience with Vista RC2. With
>| only 1G of RAM, there are many disk activities indicating
>| heavy disk swap, a symptom of lack of memory in the
>| system. 
> `----
> http://www.itechnote.com/2006/10/27/vista-runs-smooth-only-o
> n-2g-memory/ 
> Geez. If only the folks who use SUSE heard this...
> Linux can run gracefully with 128MB of RAM. I have 256MB at
> home. <SNIP>

So, Vista bogs down at 1 GB RAM, recommended is 2 GB for
sweet operation, which reminds me.  I vaguely remember this




Subject:  Internet Explorer 7 is Spyware
Post No. 11

| From:  Erik Funkenbusch
| Date:  Sun, Sep 3 2006 3:58 pm
| >>> Vista will run on an 850 MHz Pentium with 512 MB
| >>> memory. However, those are considered minimal
| >>> requirements.  I see the hardware inflationary cycle
| >>> continuing. 
| >>
| >> That's for all features.  If you're willing to do
| >> without the 3D desktop, then it will run in
| >> significantly less. 
| >
| > That is not what the Microsoft website stated that you
| > conveniently snipped: 
| It's talking about all features.  I promise you, Vista runs
| just fine in 256MB and a celeron 500 (I'm using one for a
| test machine, I know).

Of course it will, it is a binary condition.


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