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[News] Electronic Arts Prepares to Bring Games to Linux Box (PlayStation 3)

Electronic Arts gets ready for the PS3 (feed's title)

,----[ Quote ]
| EA, which generates more revenue from sales of games for Sony's
| consoles than for Nintendo's or Microsoft's, has already said it
| has more than 30 games in development for the PS3. It also has six
| games in development for the Wii.


EA doesn't put its card on the XBox.

Gamers Say Microsoft Understates Xbox Problems

,----[ Quote ]
| An insider from Electronic Arts, Inc. is saying that the failure rate
| of Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console is actually ten times higher than
| what Microsoft spokespeople have admitted.
| Game Daily BIZ, a gaming industry publication, reported that the
| anonymous source tallied that of the 300 consoles EA has received,
| 30-50 percent of them have failed.


Microsoft To Miss XBox 360 Production Targets By As Much As 25%

,----[ Quote ]
| Colin Sebastian at Lazard Capital Markets has warned
| that he expects Microsoft's XBox 360 shipments to only
| total 4.5 million for the year, instead of the 5
| million expected. That says to me that the XBox 360
| marketing plan is fading fast... Suddenly, that one-year
| lead Microsoft had on Sony doesn't look like such
| a big advantage after all.


Microsoft stoic despite massive losses

,----[ Quote ]
| If you were to judge by the PR rhetoric, you'd think the 360 was
| an unstoppable commercial juggernaut. As usual though, PR lies.


Microsoft Hides Its Mobile and Business Apps Divisions 

,----[ Quote ]
| The company is folding its two worst-performing divisions -- Microsoft
| Business Solutions (its business applications unit) and its Mobile and
| Embedded units -- into the Microsoft Business Division and Microsoft Home
| and Entertainment units, respectively.


Game Sales Jump, Despite Xbox Slump

,----[ Quote ]
| Regardless of what happens this holiday season, August represented yet
| another month of disappointing sales for Microsoft's Xbox 360. Pachter
| for one had predicted that the company would sell between 200,000 and
| 300,000 consoles last month, but the sales came in at the bottom of
| that range, according to the NPD data he cited.


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