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Re: Acer Criticises Microsoft & Windows Vista

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chrisv <chrisv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>Reminds me of an E-mail my sister sent me a couple of hours ago...
>>Hey little brother!
>>I've formatted mom's computer again. the computer was really really
>>slow. I
>>only instlled what was necessary (word, ICQ and messenger). if
>>you want mom to read your e-mails you can use the outlook express that
>>with windows. But I think it'll be better for her if you simply send
>>e-mails to her yahoo e-mail account.
>>When you are here DO NOT install any programs in her computer (no
>>thunderbird or firefox - she doesn't use them). All these redundant
>>installations slow her computer down. Thay make it impossible to work
>>it and it ends up that I have to reformat her computer all the time.
>>So DO NOT install anything!!!
>>I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I will come to mom afetr
> Wow.  Talk about having it ass-backwards...

I think you should spend some time with your sister expaining the basics
of how computers work - clearly she's a little confused about a /lot/ of

One thing is somewhat correct, though - if you fill up the hard drive,
then windows will slow down due to the way it's virtual memory is
typically set up.

I don't really understand the bit about you using outlook express so
that mum can read your emails;  I think she's very very confused there.
Don't give up - try to educate.

| Mark Kent   --   mark at ellandroad dot demon dot co dot uk  |
During the voyage of life, remember to keep an eye out for a fair wind; batten
down during a storm; hail all passing ships; and fly your colors proudly.

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