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[News] Is Oracle's Latest Move Proof of Proprietary Software Failure or Capitalistic Ethics Failure?

Sending the penguins out with a hot foot

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's clear something up right away: Larry Ellison's blockbuster
| announcement earlier this week wasn't meant to choke the life
| out of the open-source movement. But as it concerns the fate
| of commercial open-source companies--well, that is an entirely
| different matter.
| [...]
| "This is capitalism, we are competing," Ellison later said during 
| the question-and-answer session following his announcement. "We are trying 
| to offer a better product at a lower price."
`----        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Easy when you just nick your rival's code and strip off all the trademarked


Another perspective:

Oracle's Linux Announcement: A Load of Bull?

,----[ Quote ]
| Larry's quote is the most interesting: "We believe that better
| support and lower support prices will speed the adoption of Linux,
| and we are working closely with our partners to make that happen."
| Well, I guess they're working with some of their partners, but, I
| doubt that Red Hat is one of them. Essentially, Oracle is taking
| the work that Red Hat is doing and charging less for it in an
| attempt to bypass Red Hat as a vendor.


Oracle alienates the industry it serves, so MySQL AB is likely to flourish,
along with purely FOSS projects. Google faces similar issues, IMO.

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