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Re: [News] Oracle Could Soon Sidle with Ubuntu, Argues Mark Shuttleworth

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Shuttleworth: Oracle-Ubuntu partnership only a matter of time
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Canonical Ltd. CEO Mark Shuttleworth said a partnership with
> | Oracle is no longer a matter of if, but when.
> `----
> http://tinyurl.com/yht7mk

Ubuntu need to be carefull. Oracle are not doing Linux any favours the way
they are behaving. Once Oracle have Ubuntu in bed with them they are very
likely going roll over and kick them out.

They have effectively done that to Redhat, survive a massive drop in shares
and the very strong possibility of losing their main income from their main
customers, can't see them surviving that move, those shares aren't going to
recover to as high as they were. Ubuntu is next then look out Novell.

If I was Redhat I would take a risk to kill off the Oracle move, reduce
license and maintenance cost to a rediculously low level and do nothing at
all that promotes the use of Oracle in Linux. The rate at which major
servers are moving to Linux, Oracle wont have any 'new' customers coming in
and will be on edge knowing that it's current customers are just waiting
for the day that their system can be moved to another database on a cheaper
OS. The marketeers aren't daft, they will know Oracle has no where to go so
will pull out.

If RH don't do something about this, they are very likely going to lose very
badly because Oracle are well set now to take their customers and a time
afterwards replace RH with ORH.

A couple of days ago when the Oracle in Linux was talked about I was all for
it, good for Linux. But I didn't expect this parasitic aproach to fast
tracking their way into Linux. 

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