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Re: [News] Open Source Software is Everywhere

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> The "no open source" clause
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | As soon as she left the room, I asked for a raise of hands
> | for "All those currently using open source in your work."
> | 80% of the hands went up (and I suspect the other 20%
> | were lying :-).
> |
> | Open source is everywhere. Might as well get used to
> | it.
> `----

It is true what he is saying, that they are still misconceptions about what
open source actually is. It seems to range withint on of these areas,

        Mickey Mouse code not written by professionals.
        Anyone can hack it.
        How can it be secure?
        Its a hobyist thing.

I nearly always start conversations of this sort where you have to convince
someone, with the big name list, people that everyone has heard of, it
can't really include specific distro names because many outside the Linux
world simply haven't heard of them or if they know they exist they don't
necessarily know what they do. 

So I start with IBM, HP, SunSystems and Novell, with the big names involved
people are much more willing to listen. Of cause we can now add Oracle to
the getcha-attention part of the conversation.

It isn't difficult to convince people that it is a good system once you have
their attention. Getting them to put faith into it is harder. But I am
actually finding that the Vista word is now helping with that. It seems
that everyone has heard of the Vista troubles, then when you tell them that
MS has effectively kicked out the companies that protected them all through
the MS Win years, Symantec, McAfee, without whom they would never have
survived the virus and hacking wars, then they are really starting to

There are many users at home and in buisiness who are scared to use their
PCs for anything but the most basic of computing needs, afraid to buy
online, afraid to open their computers up enough that they can work
unhindered. Afraid of using their emails in anything but text mode, can't
use nicely formed electronic stationary because that includes html enabling
and HTML is now deemed to be bad.

MS did all of that, they chose to make computing the way it is, I say that
because they could have chosen to sort their system out many times over
many years, they had the oppertunity and the money to do that. But they did

Vista could very well be the best thing that ever happened to Linux.

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