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Re: [News] More Void Promises from Gates

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> The End of Auto Accidents?
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | According to Bill Gates, there will be no more car
> | accidents within 10 years. This is a direct statement
> | from the software giant himself.
> `----
> http://internetbusinessdaily.net/?p=29
> According to this guy's promise, SPAM should have disappeared 10 months
> ago, but the Windows zombies keep spewing out garbage (at least 72% of
> it comes from /compromised/ Windows PC's).
> But now he retires, walking away from the trouble rather than fix
> it...
> Speaking of crashes:
> http://www.allowe.com/Humor/computerenhancers.htm
> Last Windows 3.1 Computer Located
> http://www.ticalc.org/archives/news/articles/12/127/127784.html
> Computer crashes don't only cost time and money. They cost life as they
> take over mission-critical areas in industry.

After reading the article, I could not help but notice how spelling (do you
spell it "traveled" or "travelled", Webster versus Oxford?) sometimes is
old world versus new world.

Misunderstood spelling can potentially create an international incidence,
see below quoted from a ticalc.org responder.  US comment aside,
interestingly enough LinEx is a Debian based distro out of Spain.

| Re: Re: Last Windows 3.1 Computer Located
| Mattthew Ellsworth
| 8 May 2005, 13:25 GMT
| I run dos/windows 3.1 (I'll logon sometime)/win. 95/win. 98/win xp and I'm
| in the process of getting a good version of Linex. =-) 
| Lewk Of Serthic
| 10 May 2005, 01:12 GMT
| I have never seen it spelled Linex... Is it a British thing or something?

If this was posted to uk.rec.motorcycles, I could see a suitable thrashing
coming.  On to better things:

LinEx can be found at:


English page is at:



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