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Re: [News] Munich's Mayor on Linux Migration: "We're Very Happy With the Results So Far"

On Wednesday 25 October 2006 11:22 Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Munich mayor: Full speed ahead to open source
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Although numerous other European cities are closely
> | following the LiMux project, Hoegner is hesitant to
> | estimate how many will ever take the leap and deploy
> | open source on a large scale. "Politicians don't know
> | enough about open source and are worried about making
> | a mistake," he said. "Believe me, my head would have
> | been on the block if things had backfired here."
> `----
> http://tinyurl.com/yck48j
> Munich is merely a trailblazer. More cities countries will soon follow.
> Some already have.

I must admit, when I read the article, I chuckled at what was *not* being

Let me give you the WINTROLL view.....

- 3,000 USD per desktop?  Ridiculous!  They should have stuck with MS 

- That is all wasted money.  NO OTHER German city will go that way...
   .... and if they did, it would cost THEM 3,000 USD per seat!
   .... hence they can't afford it!

- Munich, having spent all that money, is not going to GIVE AWAY its
  new-found expertise to OTHER German cities.....
  ... just as Bristol U.K. said it won't talk to other councils re. OO.o!

- Nobody but nobody else is interested in going this way....
  ... certainly not the German governmental or educational bodies.
  ... because if they did, they wouldn't benefit for free either - they'd 
      have to start again....

- and certainly not the French, or the Dutch, or the Italians etc.....

- THEY all LOVE Microsoft, and revel in the fact that it is a U.S company,
   and know that their future is secure in the hands of U.S. corporatism, 
   and safe in its proprietary software and "standards".

- all of which means that this whole issue is a non-event, and is why 
   MS enthusiasts completely ignore it....

- and which is why MS themselves completely ignored the proposal,
  and refused to dash off to Munich to offer Windows at reduced prices.

Have I missed anything out?

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