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[News] UNIXes User Tries the Most Widespread Desktop O/S...

One Week Back to Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| However, compared to what I am using most of the
| time (Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OS X and Minix),
| Windows proved to have three major flaws.
| First of all, what's in the box is hardly what it's
| advertised to be. You don't get a modern operating
| system, packed with useful features and exciting prospects.
| You get a rather primitive system, both in terms of
| architecture and in terms of basic tools. And it's
| certainly not modern -- the architecture hasn't
| changed significantly since the first versions ofW
| indows NT, while other systems have evolved dramatically(
| compare what Ubuntu is now to what Debian was 10 years
| ago, even at the kernel level). The much-advertised
| multimedia experience is pale compared to OS X and,
| in some ways, even to BeOS. And, for the last ten
| years, Microsoft has constantly advertised the
| improvements in Windows security and how much more
| secure Windows is when compared to Linux, OS X or
| Unices. However, I'm yet to suffer from spyware and
| viruses on these systems.
| Secondly, Windows proved to be too much of a hassle
| to maintain. Windows Updates, defragmenting, virus
| checking, spyware checking, system checking for registry
| problems and other similar problems are simply too much.
| On the other operating systems I use, the only thing I
| supervise are system updates, and that's because I want
| to know what it installs and maybe bypass some updates.
| Quite about everything else is scheduled, and requires
| no attention from me since the process is completely
| non-interactive. As a consequence, I don't even think
| I can name more than 5 arguments of fsck -- since the
| tools itself is free, all my computers use roughly the
| same cron file, which I just copy-pasted around, so I
| only looked at them a couple of time.
| And finally, Windows proved to be too inflexible.
| There are a lot of things I can't configure, and
| those which can be configured are accessed through a
| cryptic Registry which you have to very careful with. 


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