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[News] Group in Malaysia Gets New Linux Stack

Malaysian startup licenses Linux phone stack

,----[ Quote ]
| Startup a la Mobile reports that its Linux-based mobile
| phone stack has attracted its first licensee. Gupp
| Technologies, a Malaysian startup backed by global
| electronics vendor 3P Electronics, will use the
| Convergent Linux Platform in a dual-mode VoWiFi
| (voice-over-WiFi) and GSM smartphone expected next
| year, according to a la Mobile. 


Also see:

Whitepaper assesses Linux in the mobile phone space

,----[ Quote ]
| This EDC whitepaper examines the progress and prospects of Linux in the 
| mobile phone market, examining major vendors, application development 
| trends, geographic factors, and Linux drivers/inhibitors.
| [...]
|     * A sharp rise during the Spring of 2006 in the number of mobile 
| application developers targeting Linux...
|     * The "widening" field of mobile Linux stack vendors, characterized
| as pureplays, diversifiers, and dabblers
|     * Mobile developers across all major geographic regions are "equally
| compelled" to write applications for Linux, despite the relative shortage
| of devices in North America, as compared to Asia and, to a lesser extent,
| Europe.
|     * OEMs, VARS, integrators, and department-focused enterprise
| engineers are most likely to target Linux, while ISVs (independent software 
| vendors) and "corporate-wide" enterprise engineers are less likely to do
| so.
|     * Linux use in wireless devices has grown much faster than predicted,
| and, allowing for some inhibitors such as a lack of cohesive standards,
| the future for Linux in mobile phones is "brighter than ever"


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