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[News] Oracle May Dive Deeper into Open Source to Combat Microsoft

Oracle may soon detail open-source moves--analysts

,----[ Quote ]
| Buoyed by a $20 billion acquisition spree to better compete
| with SAP AG in the business software market, Oracle Corp.
| next week may unveil moves to boost its open-source
| technology strategy to fend off Microsoft Corp.


This happens amid a big enterprise move over at MySQL AB, which
Oracle once try to <strike>eliminate</strike> acquire. Some
say that Oracle will change over to a Ubuntu-based stack, if
not roll its own Linux products.

Some links:

Oracle #1 on Linux With More Than 80% Market Share 


Oracle Sets World Record for Two-Tier SAP(R) Sales and
Distribution Standard Application Benchmark Running
Linux on Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 580 Server

,----[ Quote ]
| Running Linux on a Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST(TM) 580 server with
| 32 Dual-Core Intel Itanium 1.6 GHz processors, Oracle
| Database 10g achieved 12,500 SAP SD Benchmark users,
| delivering 40 percent more performance than Microsoft
| SQL Server 2005 on identical hardware, as measured by the
| number of benchmark users.


Oracle-Ubuntu tie-up coming?

,----[ Quote ]
| A trail of breadcrumbs seems to be connecting database
| powerhouse Oracle with the Ubuntu version of Linux.


Oracle To Bring Siebel CRM To Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| With its upcoming Siebel 8 release, Oracle will bring Siebel
| CRM into Linux realm for the first time.


MySQL boosts its Community...with Enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL today announced that it has become a truly
| community-driven company. This will sound funny to
| those of you that think MySQL announced its
| Enterprise product today. Yes, it did that. But the
| real news in MySQL's move is its efforts to continue
| to bolster its already vibrant community.


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