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[News] Linux-based Storage Gains Wide Acceptance

Open source project challenges traditional storage

,----[ Quote ]
| The Cleversafe Open Source Storage Community was
| formed in 2006 to build and deploy new technologies
| for storing and securing data.


This runs Linux of course.

Also this month:

Free open-source storage software attracts users

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source storage software is available to address a
| number of user needs, attracting tens of thousands of
| users who are turning to open source to avoid pricey
| proprietary products


Device Profile: Infrant Repertoire media server

,----[ Quote ]
| Infrant will soon ship a Linux-based storage device
| designed specially for serving up digital media files,
| including videos and music files. The Repertoire has
| no playback capabilities, but can store up to 3TB
| of media, and stream or transfer it using most common,
| standard, open protocols. 


NAS kit uses Linux to good effect

,----[ Quote ]
| A key feature of the Snap Servers is that they all
| run Adaptec's Linux-based GuardianOS, while virtually
| all the competition in this market uses Windows Storage
| Server 2003. 
| [...]
| The web interface is well designed and easy to use,
| and client support is as good as the Windows-based
| alternatives. The 520 can serve up storage to Windows,
| Unix, Linux and Mac clients if required.


,----[ Quote ]
| rPath, provider of the platform for creating and
| maintaining Linux software appliances, announced
| that agámi Systems, live file system replication
| solutions provider for network attached storage
| (NAS) has selected rBuilder and rPath Linux to
| create its next-generation development and product
| platform for NAS appliances.


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