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[News] FedoraStation3 Has Upper Hand, Microsoft to Sue for Side-by-side Comparison

Sony beats out Microsoft's XBox by positioning the PS3 as a social networking
site for gamers

,----[ Quote ]
| As reported on BBC News, Sony has informed the public that it
| plans on viewing the PS3 service as an online community. The
| PS3 network will allow game owners to chat, download extras,
| store images, video, or music, and browse the net.


Microsoft Prepares Legal Action Over Sony Propaganda

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony has been showing off the following chart (above), which
| supposedly shows a price comparison between the PS3 and
| Xbox 360.


The Windows EULA forbids side-by-side comparisons as well. But
never mind all of the astroturfing from Microsoft, including
the funding of pro-XBox Web sites. Never mind the shills and
viral marketing, e.g.:

A new Microsoft-commissioned anti-Linux study debuts

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft seemingly has backed off from trumpeting
| its "Get the Facts" studies, as of late. But that doesn't
| mean the company has ceased commissioning research outfit
| to perform its anti-Linux dirty work.


Microsoft Traps and Hunts for Bloggers in India !!

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has announced the "Microsoft BlogStars" contest,
| to Hunts for Developer Bloggers in India. After feeling the
| power and increase of the Bloggers community in India,
| Microsoft tries to trap and hunt Bloggers in India to
| buildup the blogging community, for writing blog posts
| supporting towards Microsoft Technologies.


,----[ Quote ]
| Instead of inspiring actual interest in a grassroots fashion,
| Microsoft has resorted to spreading fake grass, crafting each
| site to suggestt he appearance of something other than the
| advertisement it is.


,----[ Quote ]
| Some years back, Microsoft practiced a lot of dirty tricks
| using online mavens to go into forums and create Web sites
| extolling the virtues of Windows over OS/2.


Notable examples of viral marketing

,----[ Quote ]
| # ilovebees.com - viral marketing for Halo 2
| # Hotmail, promoted largely by links at the bottoms of emails sent by
| its users, is the classic viral marketing example
| # Microsoft's Origami Project campaign
| # Microsoft's Xbox 360 campaign, called OurColony


Recent examples

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2001, the Los Angeles Times accused Microsoft of
| astroturfing when hundreds of similar letters were
| sent to newspapers voicing disagreement with the
| United States Department of Justice and its antitrust
| suit against Microsoft. The letters, prepared by Americans
| for Technology Leadership, had in some cases been
| mailed from deceased citizens or nonexistent addresses.


Halloween V: The FUD Begins


Bill Gates lends cash to buy newspapers

$350 million to MediaNews

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates involvement has been very behind the scenes. In fact
| many of those involved in the deal didn'teven know he was
| one of the investors. It was carried out through the Gates
| Foundation, the world's largest philanthropy outfit.


ToorCon ("Firefox security is a mess") sponsored by Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Lately, I read the headline: "Open Source browser
| Firefox is so critically flawed that it is impossible to
| fix, according to two hackers." Further on, in the
| ZDNet article I read: "The hackers claim they know
| of about 30 unpatched Firefox flaws. They don't plan to
| disclose them, instead holding onto the bugs."
| Since that sounds suspicious, I decided to start
| searching for connections with MS. Easy enough, here
| it is...


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