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[News] Rutgers U. Dumps WebCT to Go with Open Source Instead

Open Source App Connects Professors, Students

,----[ Quote ]
| Rutgers used to use WebCT, a similar piece of course-management
| software, until a new version of WebCT was developed. The university
| considered this too expensive, however, hence the switch to Sakai,
| said University Director for the Office of Instructional and Research
| Technology Charles Hedrick.


WebCT seems to be sidling with the Microsoft alliance, which battles Moodle
and other FOSS using software patents

,----[ Quote ]
| The university used to use WebCT, a similar piece of software. The
| company that produced it was then bought out by a company that makes a
| similar piece of software, Blackboard

Old message from Nessuno (there are more example of Moodle/FOSS in education

Every day, millions of students taking online college courses act in
much the same way as their bricks-and-mortar counterparts. After
logging on, they move from course to course and do things like submit
work in virtual drop boxes and view posted grades - all from a
program running on a PC.
Click to learn more...

It may seem self-evident that virtual classrooms should closely
resemble real ones. But a major education software company contends it
wasn't always so obvious. And now, in a move that has shaken up the
e-learning community, Blackboard Inc. has been awarded a patent
establishing its claims to some of the basic features of the software
that powers online education.
End quote


See also:


This may appear to be just a new, obnoxious example of patent trolling
(in this case by Blackboard).  However, there are connections between
Blackboard and Microsoft:


Charlene A. Douglas isn't surprised that Microsoft wants to get into
the booming business
of online-software systems for higher education, or that it has
recently formed a close alliance with Blackboard, a company whose
software helps colleges put their courses on the Internet....

In what the two companies call a "preferred relationship," Microsoft
will promote Blackboard to its education customers and Blackboard will
suggest that its clients use the Microsoft Windows operating system to
run Blackboard on their servers to take advantage of special features
available only to Microsoft users.
End quote

See also:

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