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[News] Survey Shows Many Companies Like the GPLv3

OpenLogic survey warm on GPL 3

,----[ Quote ]
| A survey of open-source programming experts that start-up OpenLogic
| pays to resolve software troubles has revealed some favorable
| feelings about the new third draft of the General Public License (GPL).


Transcript of Richard Stallman on GPLv3 in Brussels, Belgium; 1st of April

,----[ Quote ]
| Recording thanks to Sean Daly. Transcription by Ciaran O'Riordan.



GPL v3: V for vindication

,----[ Quote ]
| V for vendetta? More like V for validation.
| Commercial open source vendors should follow the lead of the FSF and
| embrace the final version of GPL v3 when it appears. The new license
| won't "hurt the open source community," as the ACT's Cox claims.
| Rather, it will reaffirm the very principles that have made the
| community so strong to begin with -- strong enough to resist the
| ongoing vendetta declared by Microsoft and its allies. 


GPL v3 Not a Concern For Google  

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's DiBona noted that the incompatibility of Apache 2.0 and
| GPL has never presented a problem to Google. "We typically choose
| the Apache license as we like our code to be broadly adopted both
| within the commercial realm and by our friends in open source,"
| DiBona said. "We have released software under the GPL before when
| it made sense to do so, and we will continue this practice when
| v3 comes out."


NOVL up on FSF announcement, down on Torvalds interview

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell's stock was up 4% from yesterday morning after
| the Free Software Foundation signalled that it might not penalize
| Novell in GPL3, before losing half of those gains after Linus
| Torvalds signalled new optimism toward the latest GPL3 draft.


Red Hat CEO praises GPL 3 changes

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat Chief Executive Matthew Szulik had words of encouragement
| Thursday for the Free Software Foundation's latest draft of General
| Public License version 3, an overhaul to a license that underlies
| the heart of Linux and many other open-source projects.


Critics swarm new GPL draft

,----[ Quote ]
| Unsurprisingly, the speediest criticism came from Microsoft, whose
| deal with Novell prompted the inclusion of the controversial clauses
| in the first place.


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