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[News] Apple Jumps to Its Emporer's Rescue

Apple board backs Jobs against ex-CFO allegations shock

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's Board of Directors is backing CEO Steve Jobs after former
| CFO Fred Anderson accused Jobs approving the company's stock
| option backdating. Anderson settled civil charges against him
| Tuesday without admitting any guilt, but agreeing to pay back
| approximately $3.5m to make up for personal gains in the scandal.


One might guess that there's a lot of cover-up work going on. There's no
Apple without Jobs, so somebody else may ultimately take the blame
(deliberately, or maybe a scapegoat).


Options troubles aren't over for Apple

,----[ Quote ]
| But one of the accused -- former Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson --
| pointed a finger at his former boss, Steve Jobs, raising new accusations
| that experts say could land Jobs in some legal hot water if true.
| [...]
| Gene Munster, a financial analyst at Piper Jaffray, said Anderson's 
| accusations will fuel investors' worries over Jobs and his critical role in 
| Apple's continued success.
| "It gives the appearance that, 'I had a partner in crime and it was Steve 
| Jobs,'" Munster said. 


Microsoft's past stock options practice poses questions

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft in 1999 announced that it would end a policy of awarding
| options at monthly lows and said it would take a $217 million charge,
| though many details of that discontinued practice haven't been widely
| known, The Wall Street Journal said Friday.
| Those details raise questions about how Microsoft began the practice,
| what prompted the company to end it and whether the way the options
| were dated--at 30-day lows the month after they were
| granted--influenced other companies, it said.


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