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[News] Goverments Are Said to Be in Bed with Microsoft

Governments slammed for anti-competitive software tendering practices     

,----[ Quote ]
| A leading Australian open source advocate has called for an end for to
| tender lock-outs of competitors to Microsoft, claiming the practice
| is costing Australian taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each
| year.



U.S. DOJ joins lawsuit against HP, Sun, Accenture

,----[ Quote ]
| Suit alleges that the three companies formed an alliance with vendors
| and have been giving each other kickbacks on government contracts
| since the late 1990s. 


Microsoft is among the companies that that were accused (about a dozen of

Becta report slams Microsoft academic licensing, dismisses Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Even ignoring the open source-related controversy surrounding these
| reports (see here, here , here, and here) the statistics are jaw-dropping.


OSC joins criticism of UK education's attitude to open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source Consortium president, Mark Taylor, has been in contact to
| voice its opinion on the controversy surrounding Becta's purchasing
| frameworks and the adoption of open source adoption in UK schools.
| In short, it doesn't make happy reading for Becta. "The essence of
| our concern is that they're saying one thing and actually pursuing
| policies that are exclusive," he said. "Becta's own research shows there
| are major benefits [with open source], however the reality of the
| framework is that it excludes both products and services."


UK Government criticised for stifling open source in schools 

,----[ Quote ]
| MP Pugh reckons shcools should support independent or open source
| software firms. He says, "In my experience a school is a key part
| of the community and as such has a role to play in the economy of
| that community. By supporting SMEs the local high-technology
| industry will be encouraged which will benefit everyone."


Becta under fire for procurement framework

,----[ Quote ]
| Nineteen MPs have accused a government agency of restricting the
| procurement of software in schools.


MPs criticise government roadblocks to Open Source adoption in schools

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK Government's own studies have shown savings of up to 60% can be
| made by schools and colleges using Open Source software. Despite this
| clear advantage, some MPs believe the software procurement frameworks
| from Becta and official advice from DfES effectively locks out the us
| of free, Open Source software.


Becta's schools software scheme reported to EC

,----[ Quote ]
| An advisor to Becta, the education technology quango, has complained
| to the European Commission about its procurement process for firms
| to provide online learning platforms and content to British schools.


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