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Re: the IBM trojan horse and the PC Company ..

__/ [ Rex Ballard ] on Monday 23 April 2007 03:38 \__

> On Apr 21, 7:36 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> __/ [ Rex Ballard ] on Tuesday 17 April 2007 22:37 \__
>> > On Apr 17, 3:48 pm, Doug Mentohl <doug_ment...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >>  From MArshall Goldberg
>> >> Sent: Saturday, MArch 14, 1998 12:23 PM
>> >> [IBM] should not be invited to any more COM+ design previews.
>> > Seems like it was shortly after this that IBM decided to endorse
>> > Linux.
>> > Shortly after that, the DOJ began their antitrust case.
>> > This is just my personal observations based on publicly available
>> > information.
>> There appears to be aggression on both sides here. I wonder about the
>> context in which this exhibit was presented.
> The hostility  had been pretty open since 1992, when IBM discovered
> that Microsoft
> was tasking staff with NT work and billing IBM for it.  In addition,
> Gates had personally
> authorized the use of OS/2 code on NT.  Eventually, Microsoft paid $2
> billion and the source
> code to OS/2 in a carefully crafted settlement.  IBM also gets the
> right to distribute Windows 3.1
> as part of OS/2 at the same price as MS-DOS, about $9/machine.
> This all came to a head when Microsoft demanded that IBM either stop
> shipping machines with
> OS/2 and ship every machine with Windows 95, or get no OS/2.  The all
> or nothing ultimatum
> triggered a shift in policies among IBM's top management.  This based
> on testmony and exhibits
> presented during the federal antitrust case.
> Microsoft would not have wanted to attempt to provide any context,
> because it could have opened
> up a number of other issues that had been part of the sealed
> settlement.  Normally, a court seal
> is not broken, but if Microsoft were to begin making references to the
> earlier issues, that would have
> unsealed the facts covered by the settlement, making it part of the
> antitrust case.
> Over the last 20 years, Microsoft has paid over $4 billion in
> settlements to IBM.  IBM has repeatedly
> caught Microsoft using fraud, extortion, sabotage, and blackmail to
> block IBM from entering the
> OEM distribution channel, and to limit IBM's ability to control their
> on OEM preinstallation configuraton.
> HP, Dell, Apple, and Sony have also been on Microsoft's crosshairs.
> As an observer, I find it astonishing
> that these companies continue to do business with Microsoft at all.
> Clearly HP, Dell and Sony have
> considered, even attempted, to promote Unix and Linux as alternatives
> to Microsoft's Windows and MS-DOS.
> Apple opted to port BSD Unix rather than cave in to Windows.

I recommend that you watch this new video. Microsoft is addressed 12 minutes
before the end.


Also see:


Gates: "Windows is still not as nice as the mac and it would be easy to be a
lot better. Win 3 goes a long way but we cant get IBMed on this one... IBM
never knew our plan and if they did they shouldnt like it..."

                ~~ With kind regards

For governments that eavesdrop, here is a quick list of tags: Communism,
Hawaiian shirts, China, Suitcase, Martha Stewart, Encryption, Prison,
Stalin. Thanks for tuning in.

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