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[News] Machead Recommends GNU/Linux

Sci/Tech:  What's Your Distro? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Now while Mac OS X doesn't have any of these security concerns (being built 
| on a Unix-like base), Mac computers are expensive. Yes, they're lovely, 
| stylish, and cool, but that comes with a hefty price tag. Plus they're 
| proprietary, to boot. So, in the future, if they want to slip in some 
| 'phone home' cuteness a la XP, then no one will be the wiser. Yes, I know 
| that's FUD, but I'm a longtime Mac head and that's the best I can come up 
| with.
| [...]
| One final note: if you have an old computer, don't throw it away. You
| can set it up as a web-surfing email browser that will last for
| years and years into the future. The major Linux distros are now
| very user-friendly with truly excellent GUI. No need to use the 
| CLI anymore.



Interview with Tim Bray

,----[ Quote ]
| LJ: All right, since this is Linux Journal, we need to ask at least have
| one pure Linux question before we close, okay? What is your favorite
| Linux distribution?
| TB: My favorite distro is Ubuntu, although the server/firewall box in
| my basement is basic Debian, and I'm happy with that too.


,----[ Quote ]
| Early this month, Mark Pilgrim made waves when he went shopping for a
| new Mac, but decided not to buy one, and, in When the bough breaks, wrote
| at length about switching to Ubuntu. I've been thinking about this a
| lot recently, and now John Gruber's written And Oranges, a fine excursus
| on Mark?s piece. I'm pondering the switch away myself, too, and maybe
| sharing my thoughts will be helpful. [Update: Lots of feedback on the
| state of the Ubuntu art.] [Update: More from Mark. I feel sick,
| physically nauseated, that Apple has hidden my email--the record of
| my life--away in a proprietary undocumented format. I've had this happen
| once before (the culprit was Eudora); fool me twice, shame on me. Hear
| a funny sound? That's a camel's back, breaking.]
| [...]
| Will I Switch? · Yes. For Mark's reasons, and because I'm pretty darn
| sure that either Ubuntu or some other distro will eventually get the
| key things right.
| Alternatively, Apple could open-source a few of their apps so we could
| all fix the pain points, and they could start having an actual
| conversation with the world. Nothing less is acceptable.
| As John Gruber points out, neither Mark nor I are exactly typical.
| But you know what? I think that if the GNU/Linux/Solaris community
| can sustain its current level of energy and progress, and if Apple
| maintains its dysfunctional communications culture, there are going to
| be better choices just not for me, but for a lot of other people too.


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