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Re: Call to Remove Mono/.NET/Patent Mess from Ubuntu GNU/Linux

* cc fired off this tart reply:

> On Dec 15, 1:19 pm, "[H]omer" <s...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Well if he actually *used* GNU/Linux rather than just bitched about it,
>> then he'd know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to disentangle
>> Mono from many distributions, including the one I've spent a good
>> portion of my life supporting. Ubuntu is just the tip of the iceberg.
>> Novell (de Icaza) is of course the wellspring from which this particular
>> poison flows, which then taints Gnome, and so every distro that uses it
>> (which is probably most of them).
> Not every distro uses Gnome. You can remove Gnome and replace it with
> whatever you want. Removing Mono is not a big deal. There are plenty
> of distros where Mono isn't installed by default and you can always
> install those. Sounds like there are plenty of options for avoiding
> Mono completely. What we have are champions of open source adding Mono
> to distributions. On the one hand, we have people like you and Roy and
> criticizing de Icaza and calling him a Microsoft puppet. On the other
> hand we have people who actually contribute to distros and make Linux
> what it is including Mono in their distributions, including
> Shuttleworth, who has not said very nice things about Microsoft
> before, right Roy?

Debian includes the mono C# compiler, some libraries and headers, and a
few tools, but that's about it.  So, it is apparently easy to partition
out the encumbered stuff.

It would be more difficult to do so for Gnome, it is simply bigger and
needs more eyes on it.

>> That "Freedom of choice", is rapidly diminishing down to just one of two
>> options; use a prebuilt distro poisoned by Mono, or build your own from
>> scratch. It isn't quite there yet, but it's coming. Soon.
> What horseshit.

Actually, the danger is very real.  You have to be vigilant.  Icaza may
be on thin ice, as far as I can tell.

Tux rox!

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