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[News] ELive 0.6.2 Released - Enlightenment-oriented Linux Live CD

Elive 0.6.2 development released

,----[ Quote ]
| Between the work still's on new things, Elive has released a new ISO, this 
| iso contains basically updates of packages: 
|     * Packages updated: All the packages to has updates, set to day
|     * Firefox 2: Now called iceweasel is fully implemented,
|       remember that thunderbird is now called icedove too
|     * Flash 9: The first version stable of Flash 9 is released,
|       enjoy it directly on your Elive



Elive rl2 -- Call it what you want Elive makes Enlightenment work

,----[ Quote ]
| So did Elive live up to the Art hype? Is it something worth your
| time and effort to get over a mediocre installation, or valuable
| partition space? I would have to say yes. Giving this a 5 Pennie 
| review wasn't difficult, if by the media capabilities and eye
| candy alone. This is by far one of the fastest packages around.
| If you have an older piece of hardware and want to impress people
| with an amazing Linux distro, then this is by far the best at doing
| just that. What amazes me the most is the hardware
| requirements/recommendations. Quoting again from their website:
| cloud Minimum Requeriments: The minimum hardware for run Elive is a
| 100 Mhz CPU machine and 64 MB of RAM, but the minimum recomended is
| 300 Mhz and 128 Mb of RAM, no special graphic card or 3d
| acceleration required.


I am still not sure if it's truly moving towards including of KDE bits.

KDE/Enlightenment Merging in ELive

,----[ Automated/edited translation ]
| After thinking very about it, I have finally decided to merge KDE
| with Elive. For now, the idea is to use KDE for the desktop and
| Enlightenment for the applications. The reasons are:
|     * Lots of icons on the desktop, the way the users likes it
|     * A charged desktop system. If we have RAM, we should use it
|     * KDE libs don't use nice anti-aliased renderizations
|     * One bar, like in windoze 




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