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Re: [News] WSJ Review of Vista Not So Positive

Richard Rasker wrote:
Op Thu, 18 Jan 2007 12:01:05 +0000, schreef Roy Schestowitz:

Walt reviews Vista: Eh.

,----[ Quote ]
| We're willing to bet those among you that don't make gagging sounds
| whenever you're in eyeshot of a PC have probably already played with
| Vista a bit. Maybe you don't have the last beta installed on your
| machine, but you've sat down to a Vista box and at least logged a
| few minutes with oohs and ahhs at Aero and Flip 3D. So by this
| point you probably well understand that Vista, while being a major
| step forward for Microsoft, will for most users represent something
| more of a long overdue feature pack, finally bringing Windows up to
| date with OS X.


When I stated several months ago that Vista required some 10 - 20 times
the system resources of a current PC, Windows apologists laughed at me.
One of those specimens even said that Vista would run on anything with a
1GHz CPU and 256MB of RAM. Uh-huh.

  "The vast majority of existing Windows PCs won't be able to use all of
   Vista's features without major hardware upgrades. They will be able to
   run only a stripped-down version, and even then may run very slowly."

So Erik, there's your "On older hardware, it will run just fine in a
reduced functionality mode": Yeah it will run almost as good as XP runs
under normal conditions - that is, with all kinds of malware and registry
bloat slowing the system to a crawl.

  "Microsoft says that Home Basic can run on a PC with half a gigabyte of
   memory and that Premium and Ultimate will work on a PC with one
   gigabyte of memory. I strongly advise doubling those numbers. To get
   all the features of Vista, you should have two gigabytes of memory,
   far more than most people own."

And we're just talking about ** Vista's ** typical baseline requirements here. Run some memory-intensive applications on top of this, and you better check your motherboard's RAM capacity -- and cancel your vacation plans to help out the chip makers this year.

Huh? What kind of a con job is this? So people get "Vista Capable"
machines foisted upon them, to find out that it only runs Home Basic -
sort of like XP in a crapped-down mode. People should be warned for this.

And then there's the modes home user, who just uses a PC for a bit of
e-mail and doing a bit of work after hours. Surely, they don't need all
that eyecandy, and those whistles and bells of the Premium or Ultimate

What I find astounding about this is that linux programmers have built a better system on their own time, voluntarily, for free, than what one of the largest companies has been able to produce.

All this *continually* makes me think about the Bigger Picture. That maybe we've been largely hoodwinked the past few centuries. That people ordinarily can come together and do great things -- farm, build communities, create important cultural institutions, Wikipedia, etc. and the top-down autocratic leaders don't help at all -- they only drag us all down. We'd be better off with self-determination again, first time in like 1,500 years.

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