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[News] Video - Gates Describes Vista 'Innovation' While OS X Shown Doing the Same

Mac OS X being used over Vista description

,----[ Quote ]
| This is part 2 It's long been known that Mac OS X is the cutting
| edge of mass-marketed GUI technology. video where Windows Vista
| is being described by Microsoft, while the features that have been
| long implemented into OS X are easily seen.




The Apple vs. Microsoft GUI Lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| Without warning, Apple filed suit against Microsoft in federal court on
| March 17, 1988 for violating Apple's copyrights on the "visual displays"
| of the Macintosh. (Apple also filed suit against HP for its NewWave
| environment that ran on top of Windows 2.0.)
| Apple's suit included 189 contested visual displays that Apple
| believed violated its copyright.
| Microsoft countersued, but it failed to stem the bad publicity.
| Windows' development community was terrified that any court ordered
| changes to the software would render their products incompatiblea
| nd make Windows undesirable to consumers. Borland's CEO said itw
| as like "waking up and finding out that your partner might have
| AIDS."


Windows Vista vs. Mac OS X: The Copycat Olympics

,----[ Quote ]
| In Microsoft's defense, though, why wouldn't you want to "borrow" ideas
| from other successful products? Vista, Leopard, and Linux are all
| competing against each other, although in reality, each one is better for
| a different set of users. Apple may go on and on about the similarities
| between Tiger and Vista, but they're there for a reason. When
| innovation fails, then you need to try and learn from the best, and
| that's what Microsoft is doing. However, they're a little late to the
| game, and the competing follow-up usually isn't as good as the original.


The Redmond Copying Machine?

,----[ Quote ]
| My recent video, which tweaked Microsoft for crowing about its
| "innovation" in Windows Vista (without acknowledging its huge debt
| to Mac OS X), triggered plenty of reaction. It probably comes as no
| surprise that your comments quickly devolved into "which is better"
| bickering, which will proably never end.
| [...]
| Then this e-mail message, which arrived today from a guy who says
| he worked as a Microsoft temp employee from 2003 to 2004. I've
| agreed not to publish his name.
| [...]
| "Around the corner was another grid, showing the RealPlayer
| application. This grid was the same: grid A1 was the front userv
| iew of the application, mirroring what was on the iTunes wall/grid.
| "Around the next corner was another grid, this one showing Windows
| Media Player version 9 !! This one was missing a few tiles in the
| grid, but you could actually see the progress as each feature [of
| iTunes and RealPlayer] was copied, square for square.
| "Amazing. New software is put out, a manager sees it and decides that the 
| creative part of their day is making color screen captures of the
| software and presenting it to the copying--er, engineering team."



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