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[News] Italy Chooses OpenDocument Format

Italy adopts OpenDocument as a National Standard

,----[ Quote ]
| Italy has adopted The OpenDocument Format (ISO/IEC 23600) as a
| national standard. The decision was made by UNI, the Italian
| Organization for Standardization, which is responsible, under
| appointment from the Italian Government and the EU, to develop,
| approve and publish technical standards in all economic sectors
| (industry, trade and services) except for electric and
| electro-technical ones.


The official announcement is in Italian.


ODF Can Handle Anything MSOffice Throws At It

,----[ Quote ]
| "ODF can handle everything and anything Microsoft Office can throw
| at it. Including the legacy billions of binary documents, years of
| MSOffice bound business processes, and even tricky low level
| reaching add-ons represented by assistive technologies....
| ...we recently made available a demonstration of the powerful but
| lightweight Da Vinci conversion engine.


,----[ Quote ]
| "Becta is therefore calling on the ICT industry to ensure that computers 
| for the education marketplace are delivered with a choice of Office 
| productivity suites available, which ideally should include an open-source
| offering.
| The ability for schools to exercise choice is further restricted by
| interoperability difficulties and Becta is calling on Microsoft to improve
| its support for the ODF interoperability standard.


How Vista Lets Microsoft Lock Users In - Cory Doctorow  


The lock-out begins for Office Mac users

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is calling these "Microsoft Office Open XML Formats", but
| Office for Mac users will find them far from "open". In fact, they
| can't read them.
| Take Word 2007, for example. By default it saves documents in the
| new *.docx format. Trying to open one of these in Word for Mac 2004
| yields the following garbled mess


Microsoft used undocumented Windows APIs - Iowa testimony

,----[ Quote ]
| 'All I can say is holy API batman...I'm not kidding...we are talking
| about literally 500-800 APIs here, no joke,' he wrote.
| Alepin had earlier claimed that Microsoft ran special demonstration
| programs whose sole purpose was to crash rival products and alleged
| that the company had subverted developers who used Microsoft's
| version of Java 'thinking they were developing multi-platform
| applications, but were actually developing Windows-specific
| applications'.


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