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[News] How Illinois School District Saved a Lot of Money with GNU/Linux

Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy Delivers Cost Savings for Illinois School

,----[ Quote ]
| "By using Omni's Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy in our classrooms,
| we have saved over 50% on our Linux desktop hardware costs, 62% on
| electricity costs, and saved our district thousands of dollars on
| costly Internet drops, switches, network wiring and other
| infrastructure and support costs. The Multiplied Linux Desktop
| Strategy will allow us to stretch our limited IT budget and use
| those savings to provide better computer access for all students
| in the district."


A fortnight ago:

District to save money by switching computers to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Hyland said the district hopes to get all of its computers
| running Linux exclusively by 2010. By that time, administrators
| should have identified new Linux programs for Bexley students,
| including kindergartners. Hyland said she wants to get
| kindergartners started with a program that teaches typing so
| that Bexley students are familiar with technology early on.


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