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Re: Thoughts On Dell's Linux 'Hoax'

  • Subject: Re: Thoughts On Dell's Linux 'Hoax'
  • From: Paul Bramscher <pfbram_nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 18:43:59 -0600
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ Paul Bramscher ] on Thursday 01 March 2007 05:01 \__

John Bailo wrote:
peterwn wrote:

I suspect that Dell is even too scared stiff to say that the Windows
loaded computers it sells are Linux compatible (the dialup modem and
the video chipset being the main determing factors).

The answer is: we just shouldn't care about what the Big Dinosaurs are
doing.   Yes, it's icing on the cake...but not really needed.

There are plenty of outlets for preinstalled Suse linux desktops and

The hard job of advocacy is getting the word to people about these places.

A top down solution of big mega deals is not what linux is about.
Yes, but advocating for OS-blind machines should be fair game.  It's one
thing to demand that Dell pre-installs a supported corporate linux
distro (like SuSE), it's another to simply advocate for the sale of
laptops which have been hardware-tested as per the normal procedures --
but leave the assembly line in some sweatshop with no OS on them at all.

Joe and Jane would never bother with a FreeDOS machine. Even a simple installation stage would discourage exploration. Dell PCs are not only expensive when preloaded with FreeDOS (more expensive than having Windows preloaded, which becomes a deterrent to Tom, Dick and Harry), but they also leave the user with a chore, which is unnecessary.

I'm a fan of consumer choice. I posted earlier here the policy of my local Minneapolis/St. Paul supplier (http://www.nanosys1.com/). You can get a system with no OS, XP, Vista, and the various license variations of each. Whatever suits YOUR fancy. This is typical of mail-order vendors also.

Why not an option of no-OS Dells for the under-40/geek crowd, pre-installed (and supported) linux for those who'd rather move away from Windows?

Choice ordinarily doesn't hurt a company -- it simply opens more markets for them. I wonder why Dell is so hesitant here. Why is OS choice a liability for laptop manufacturers? Are they "on the take"?

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